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sell my house without a realtor: on a mission against commission
Sell your house in Wauwatosa with our “full service” marketing package now. Enjoy the benefits of selling like a top agent would, minus the hefty commissions, and save thousands!

Why overpay for the same services?

A smarter way to sell your house in Wauwatosa without a realtor

Take control

Take complete control of your home sale by avoiding third-party involvement.

Rely on Our Team of local Pros

Our team of local professionals will guide you every step of the way! Making the experience a hassle-free process, while selling faster and for more. Trust the pros with experience in over one thousand real estate transactions

Pay yourself

Avoid expensive selling commissions and pay yourself that BIG CHECK! So you can spend it on what matters to you. Sell your house without a realtor today and save thousands on unnecessary listing agent fees.

Finding the right buyer by paying tens of thousands of dollars to a listing agent is a thing of the past! Now, you can sell faster, for more, and keep more of your hard-earned money!

The most profitable way to sell your house in Wauwatosa

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The way selling a house in Wauwatosa should be

Selling your house in Wauwatosa has never been easier and more rewarding. Before, you only had two options: Hiring a real estate agent or selling FSBO on your own.

Real estate agents expect high commissions and take far too much of your end profit. And you hand them complete control over your property. When you sell your house on your own, you can lose money in many areas without even knowing.  Not to mention navigating the process can be a challenging experience.

With our innovative approach. You will sell your house as a professional! Minus the hefty commissions that traditional agents expect. The best part is that you do not need to know anything about selling real estate!

Our approach is simple and efficient. Anyone can sell a  home without a realtor.

Our statement is clear. We are on a mission against commission! We want you to keep more of your hard-earned money! So you can spend it on what matters to you the most.

3 Smarter ways to sell my house in Wauwatosa without an agent

Whether you’re looking for the best site to post your listing. Looking for a specific service or want full support when selling your house. We got you covered!

Free FSBO listing

Post your free FSBO listing on the fastest-growing real estate platform in the country for free! The best part? We do not make your information public.

Full Service

Our award winning full service package offers the best tools available on the internet. As well as a team of local professionals to guide you every step of the way. Selling your house is a lot easier and more rewarding than ever before.


Are you a real estate professional looking for a specific service? We got the best and most competitive services on the market! From flat fee MLS listings to professional photography and more!

Disrupting the real state market in Wauwatosa

Our innovative approach is changing the real estate industry in all 50 states.

With the help of leading industry technology. And a team of local professionals in the Wauwatosa area. We can skip the middleman and provide you with top-industry services for a fraction of the cost.

Why overpay for the same services? Get the best team of professionals for a low flat fee.

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What is my house in Wauwatosa Worth?

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Sell my House in Wauwatosa FAQ

Which site is best to sell my house in Wauwatosa?

The optimal platform for selling your house in Wauwatosa is the one that provides an ideal blend of convenience and the value you receive in exchange. We offer as little or as much assistance as you require, all without imposing hefty commission fees, and instead, we charge a low flat fee.

Is selling my home without a realtor in Wauwatosa hard?

Selling your house in Wauwatosa, without a realtor is easy. Thanks to our innovative approach to real estate designed to benefit the seller.

How can I get the most money for selling my house in Wauwatosa?

You can take advantage of our comprehensive services to maximize the proceeds from selling your house in Wauwatosa. Our full-service package includes the expertise of our local team of professionals in various areas, including photographers, marketers, real estate lawyers, and more. These are the same high-quality services employed by top real estate agents nationwide.

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