A Smarter Way
to sell
Real Estate

A Smarter Way
to sell
Real Estate

Our Savvy Sellers save an average of


“At Our Property Team, We can now offer American families a smarter way to sell real estate.

With the highest level of service, but a fraction of the cost compared to the traditional model.

We want Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money!!


-Juan Carlos Barrera,

Founder and CEO

Take control

Whether your goal is to sell quickly or get the highest return for your property, You will have the tools, professionals, and freedom to do so., And you only pay for what you need

Rely on Our Team of local Pro's

Our team of local pro's will have your back every step of the way! Making this very easy while selling faster and for more.

Sell faster and for more

Not every house is the same. period! Contact us today, to get your FREE personalized home seller plan, and make sure you are not leaving any money floating in the air.

Pay yourself

Avoid expensive selling commission and pay yourself that BIG CHECK! so you can spend it on what truly matters to you.

Save thousands while selling faster and for more

100% satisfaction guaranteed packages

Save thousands on commissions with our innovative approach to real estate

Planning on selling your home without a realtor? 

We are the team for that! Our innovative approach to buying and selling your home privately without a realtor is both cheaper and easier. 

No commissions

Means more money in your pocket! plus, it doesn’t matter if you have any knowledge about selling properties because we’ll guide you through every step from start to finish! Ready? Let’s get started today!

Welcome to Our Property Team – Where American families sell their houses with ease thanks to our new innovation: For Sale By Owner 2-0 (FSBO2). You see, real estate agents just take too much in commission fees while FSBO has become complicated over time and often leaves people confused on regulations when they are trying to Sell.

We know everything you need to sell real estate successfully. From professional photography, MLS listing, legal support, Signage, etc… Selling your home without a realtor has never been easier and so rewarding. Discover a Smarter Way to sell real estate today!



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Lindsay Mal


My house sold for way more than my realtor friend suggested and spent way less selling it. Stop looking around! go with Our Property Team!

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