A smarter way to sell your home in Austin Without a realtor or commissions.

Selling your house In Austin Texas, has never been easier and more rewarding. Just enter the address of the property you want to sell or list below and explore all your options available on the internet in just one place.

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Sell my house fast Austin without a realtor

Sell your Austin House, condo, land, townhome, beach condo, mansion, mobile home, and more!

Selling your house privately without a realtor is now both cheaper and hassle-free!


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The best way to sell my house fast Austin

Take control

When you sell your home in Austin, you can take complete control of the transaction instead of giving full power to a third party.

Rely on Our Team of local Pro's

Our team of local professionals will guide you every step of the way, making the experience hassle-free while selling faster and for more.

Pay yourself

Avoid expensive selling commissions and pay yourself that BIG CHECK! So you can spend it on what truly matters to you. Sell your house without a realtor and save thousands.

A smarter way to sell your house in Austin

Selling your house in Austin has never been easier and so rewarding. Before, you only had two 

options: Hiring a real estate agent or going entirely on your own by selling FSBO. 

Real estate agents expect high commissions and take far too much of your end profit. Their model is outdated, and you hand them complete control over your property. 

When you sell your house completely on your own, you can lose money in many areas without even knowing, and navigating the whole process can be intimidating and challenging. 

With Our innovative approach to real estate, you can rest assured that you will sell your house as a professional would, minus the hefty commissions that traditional agents expect. Our team of local professionals is there to guide you and support you every step of the way! Selling a property is much easier, and you can pay yourself that big check! You do not need to know anything about selling real estate. Our approach is so simple yet efficient. That anyone can sell their house in Austin without a realtor. 

Our statement is clear. We are on a mission against commission! 

We want you to keep more of your hard-earned money! So you can spend it on what matters to you the most. Contact one of our friendly representatives today, and join the real estate movement.

How to sell my house fast Austin?

Are you looking to sell your house fast in Austin? Look no more! 

With our innovative and straightforward approach to real estate, you can list your house in as little as 10 minutes!

All while enjoying the services you need to sell your house for top dollar.

Sell my House fast Austin packages

Happy couple after selling their house without a realtor


Perfect for Those With Experience Selling Real Estate
$90 / Starting Price
  • Beautiful Diamond Lawn Sign
  • Listing on MLS, Zillow, Our Property Team, and 100’s more!
  • Help setting price
  • Answering service
  • Showing, Offers, and Negotiations Options
  • Professional support
  • Digital/ Social Media Marketing
  • Professional photography, Video, and 3D Tour
  • Drone Work (Subject to local regulations)
  • Full Service Attorney

Our Savvy Sellers save an average of


By selling their house in Austin without a realtor

The process (Full service only)

Get your listing up in as little as 24 hrs!


Are you a first-time user? Get in touch with one of our friendly representatives to check for availability in your area, and find out if we are a good fit for each other today!


Our flat fee pricing and unbiased nature are two of the features that make us stand out from the competition. Enjoy our list now pay later options offered during checkout.

Onboarding call

You will be assigned one of our friendly representatives to help and guide you along the way! During this call, the representative will set everything up for you, including scheduling a photography session, signage installation, lockbox, online account, etc.

Listing upload

It is time to upload your listing on the MLS, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and 100’s more! Our digital marketing professionals will start running ads for your property on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and many more! (This process can take up to 24 hrs)


Calling back and forth with a realtor to schedule showings is a thing of the past! Once someone is interested in viewing your property, simply just accept, decline, or propose a different time from the comfort of your phone or computer.

Offer - Closing

Need help with negotiations? No problem! Once you accept an offer, our in-house attorney will review and draft all documents while conducting the closing. We make it easy!

How much is your Austin property worth?

Click the button below, and find out what your Austin property may be worth in today’s market. (FREE)

How much does it cost to sell my house Austin?

Selling your property in Austin is easier and more rewarding than ever. Thanks to our innovative approach to real estate without a realtor or their high commission fees.

How fast do you need to sell your house Austin?

Knowing your options is very important, nevertheless. The fastest way (generally speaking) to sell your house in Austin is to a cash home buyer company. However, this option is best for people in financial distress and whiling to lose tens of thousands of dollars. Also, a professional cash home buyer will not make an instant cash offer on your property, and their process and closing date may vary.

Our innovative approach to real estate makes the whole experience hassle-free and more rewarding than with a traditional agent. Some of our Savvy Sellers have sold their houses in less than 24hrs! However, the time may vary since every home is different. Talk to one of our experts today, and learn more about your options.

Disrupting the Austin Real Estate market

Our Property Team is changing the real estate industry in Austin with our innovative approach. With the help of leading industry technology and a team of local professionals in the Austin area. We can skip the middleman and provide you with top-industry services for a fraction of the cost. Why overpay for the same services?

Map of Texas with Austin highlighted

Austin realtors VS Our Property Team

Firstly, Austin realtors were a great option back when selling houses was a  complex task. Realtors had to do a lot of leg work with their network. 

Nowadays, every single Austin realtor has access to the same listings. Why? Because now, it is all about being on the top real estate websites and having a good marketing strategy. 

Our innovative approach to real estate allows you to sell your property in Austin, like a professional would, minus the hefty commissions. So you can pay yourself that big check!

When looking for your next house, you do not pick up the phone and call a realtor to suggest properties. You look on Zillow or Realtor.com, etc. And you have a list of houses for sale that interest you. You’re not the only one! 

Get assistance from true marketing experts, and sell your home in Austin faster and without paying unnecessary commissions.

Secondly, our savvy sellers can put more toward their next home after saving so much in commissions. You can save a lot in PMI fees when you buy your house with a higher percentage as a down payment.  Buy your house with confidence!  

As a savvy seller, you know you are saving in selling your home without paying high seller commission fees.

Won’t it feel even better knowing you can use that money to save even more when you buy your house? This is another reason our customers rate our service so highly.  It truly sets them up for success in the sale of their home and beyond.

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Sell my house fast Austin: FAQ's

Most Austin realtors charge a 6% commission fee. That is too much money! Why overpay? When you can get the same services for a lot less!

Selling your house in Austin, Fl, without a realtor is easy, thanks to our innovative approach to real estate designed to benefit the seller.

There are various options for payment depending on the package option chosen. 

Austin realtors want the best for their clients. It doesn’t matter to them if the property they’re showing their client is being sold privately or with another agent as long as it fits their client’s wants and needs. 

If you sell to a buyer with an agent, they may negotiate buyer fees. These fees would be between you and the agent, but Our Legal Team would be happy to assist you.

No need to worry. With Our Property Team, you’re never alone! Our team is available to help and guide you every step of the way!

Closing costs in Austin are commonly split between the buyer and the seller. However, there are times when the buyer requests the seller to cover their closing costs for multiple reasons.

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