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Our story

Our Property team was founded in 2018 By Juan Carlos Barrera Velez. A Mexican-Canadian entrepreneur with the goal to offer sellers across the United States of America an innovative and cost-effective way to sell their properties.

We live in an era where we have so much access to technology and the ability to do so much on our own and at a fraction of the cost of traditional ways. So why should selling real estate be any different?

Our innovative approach provides sellers with all the tools and support they could possibly need during this process for a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional real estate agent.

The trustworthy experts that make up Our Property team are here to assist with selling your properties privately and without the need to use the outdated system of having a Realtor.

Our Property Team is here for you with experts in each area to make selling your home privately, convenient and hassle-free.

With Our Property Team, you get a professional appraiser to help you set the listing price at a competitive market price. A professional Real Estate photographer to capture high-quality HDR photos showcasing your home. MLS listing services to get your home out there to potential buyers. Marketing experts to engage potential buyers and increase showings. And a legal team to assist with contracts, agreements, and closing. You can rest assured you have the premier team of experts behind you to get your home sold and ensure you get to keep the most of your earnings.

Our Property Team.com is not just another “FSBO platform”, Our system is designed and built to fit our savvy seller’s needs, whether it is to sell fast, sell for top dollar, get a lot of support, or very little support. Whatever it is that you could possibly need, we’ve got you covered. All for a flat fee and a fraction of the cost of doing it the traditional way.

So forget about signing your life away with one of those “exclusivity agreements that give realtors full power with your property.

Instead, take full control, sell faster, for more, and pay yourself! With our innovative approach to real estate.

Contact us now to learn how you too can join the new evolution of home sales and discover a smarter way to sell with Our Property Team.

Our values


Our goal is to give you the best services in the industry at the best prices


We understand this might be the most important transaction of your life. Trust only experts with it.


Our commitment is to serve you better day by day by using leading technology in the market to keep bringing you the best services at the best prices

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