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The Real Estate Model is Outdated

The traditional real estate model is old, outdated, and doesn’t benefit the seller.

The traditional real estate agent commission-based model as we know it today was first introduced in the 1950s. When the median house in the country was worth around $7,354. This means the real estate agent’s commission was around $441. Not bad at all.

Back in the 1950s, a real estate agent’s job was a lot different than it is nowadays. Then, realtors did not have an online portal (MLS) where they could upload a listing, and prospective buyers would be able to see it from the comfort of their own homes while scrolling on their phones. Back then, there was a lot more work involved. They would create, newspaper ads, radio ads, street signs, lawn signs, brochures, etc… And believe it or not, their network of people mattered so much! They spent an incredible amount of time on the phone trying to make sales.

Real Estate in modern days.

Nowadays, the median house is worth around $400,000. This means a realtor’s commission is a whopping $24,000! And let’s be honest, realtors do not use the same techniques they did back then. So why are they making so much and doing less?

Let’s put this into perspective. Back in the 50s you could not even go to Blockbuster and rent a VHS tape since it didn’t open until 1985. Even though Blockbuster Video was opened 35 years later, it is already dead now. And just reading this most likely made you chuckle and remember “the old times”. Now you just turn your tv on and tune on Netflix. It is more convenient, and a lot cheaper. And we have seen this in every industry over the years.  like Uber, right? 

Even real estate agents’ work has evolved. I mean, you do not see them selling houses in the local newspaper, do you? Instead, they post your listing on the MLS,, Zillow,, etc. 

So why are we still stuck with such an old model and paying so much for it? And FSBO is just too risky.

A Smarter Way To Sell Real Estate is here to completely change everything we know about real estate.

Like Netflix, and Uber. Our Property Team uses and leverages technology to bring you a product that makes a lot more sense! Making this experience a lot easier and stress-free, and you get a more professional service. All this, while saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary real estate agent commissions. And charging a low flat fee. Our customers save an average of $15k when using our market-changing services.

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Ana and Joel saved over 50k dollars after they discovered how to sell a house by owner in 2022

Commissions vs Flat Fee

Many people believe that a commission is a smart thing to do right? I mean, the agent does not get any money, until the property sells. And the more they sell it for, the more they make, right?  

The problem with that is (and the reason why we use a flat fee approach) is very simple. In perspective, if an agent is having a slow year, getting your property sold right away is more important than selling it for top dollar right? In the end, $15,000 in your pocket, only means a few hundred in theirs. And those $15,000 could be the difference between your property selling in a day and in six months.

When you pay a flat fee. You can be sure we have your best interest at heart. There is no rush to sell your property. We just want you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

The Future of Real Estate

Our Property Team offers a completely hassle-free, and more cost-effective way to sell compared to any other model. W put you first!

Our customers love us so much, that all of our current franchise owners are former customers. Discover a Smarter way to sell Real Estate with Our Property Team and join the real estate revolution!

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In conclusion

Real Estate operated with the same outdated model for over 70 years! Charging commissions made sense back in the day, when the commission was $441, not $24,000 like it is today (number based on the current house median price in the country).

Selling real estate just got a whole lot easier and more affordable thanks to Our Property Team.

We just want to help you save money without leaving any money floating in the air.

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