What are today's Florida mortgage rates?

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Mortgage options in Florida

Loan programs and interest rates may vary by state. To set you up and help you figure out how much you can afford, get pre-qualified by a licensed Florida lender before you start your home search. Also, check Florida interest rates daily before getting a loan to make sure you get the lowest rate possible.
If you already have a mortgage and are considering refinancing, get rates tailored to your unique circumstances. The APRs on this page are for shopper mortgages, which are usually similar to refinance rates. However, refinancing rates may be higher.
Many lenders require an appraisal during the mortgage process to determine the fair market value of the property. This ensures that you do not pay more for the home than it is worth in the purchase transaction and ensures the amount of equity available in the refinance transaction. Apartment values ​​are constantly changing according to the demand of the buyer and the local market. Typically, home values ​​increase over time. Contact a Florida lender for more information on local mortgage loans.

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