How to sell a house by owner in 2021

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Thinking of selling and saving thousands in unnecessary realtor commissions? 

You have come to the right place! In this video, I will teach you exactly all the key points and best practices on How to sell a house by owner in 2021, FSBO, For Sale By Owner like the pros do.

Selling FSBO is way easier than most people think, (with the right tools) but there is a lot more to it as well than others may think. Yeah, you can just upload your listing to websites like,, etc… and get the job done. However, this video is intended more for people looking to get the biggest return on their property, and not just get it out the door and leave money floating in the air.

If you want to learn more about our flat fee services and how we can help you get the biggest return for your property and save you thousands of dollars in realtor commissions in the process, click here or give us a call, to schedule a FREE no-obligation chat with one of our representatives to get a completely FREE custom plan made to fit your needs. Join the real estate movement today and save thousands of dollars with.. 

The real estate movement

Congrats on deciding to learn how to sell your home on your own. You’ve got this! In this short video, I will show you exactly how to do it,

so you can save yourself thousands in commissions while selling for top dollar. Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

Hi there, I am Juan Carlos Barrera, CEO and founder of, welcome to my channel. If you like real estate and want to learn more
or stay up to date, don’t forget to click like and follow us. Now, to answer that question in your head… “no” I am not a realtor nor a broker,
Instead, I have created a system that allows people to sell their properties on their own, completely hassle-free and the best part, we don’t charge commissions.
So.. why did I create such a company and why I am giving you my secrets in this video for free? Because I believe there is more in life than chasing money
and I just want to help you keep more of your hard-earned money, so you can spend it on what truly matters to you the most.

1. Price.

 This is probably the most difficult part and where most people lose money while selling privately.  You have probably been looking around
and seeing different valuation tools online. Or you have even seen “your home’s value” on a very popular real estate website. You know
exactly which one I am talking about. The problem with these valuations, is that they don’t reflect the price of your house in the market today, it is just
an algorithm that comes up with the number, based on recent sales of homes similar to yours around the area recently, here is where it gets tricky… what if you have done any upgrades in your house? Does that not count? It absolutely does! Even the condition of your house will be different, it could be better or it could be worse, so I would never ever recommend anyone to come up with the price based on these tools, use them just
to give yourself an idea. So what should you do? In this area, now you looked it up, and there are so many different types of appraisals or
valuation techniques! Which one is the best one? Sadly on this one, there is not a one size fits all type solution, I would just recommend you to contact a local appraiser and ask for a consultation, or… watch my video where I go more in depth about appraisals or valuations.


Real estate appraisal document 2022

2. Display of the home. 

This goes from professional HDR photography to video tours, to 3d tours as well.  But, you have the latest phone in the market. You can just take the photos and make it look great on your own, right? Well.. Studies have shown that professionally photographed homes sell
35% times faster, and for up to $15k more wait… what?  Let’s be honest,  this picture taken by a professional does not look
the same as this picture taken with my phone, right? Selling a house is like selling anything else! You need to showcase your product well, in order to get as many people
interested as possible. Ideally, you want to have two or more people outbidding each other for your property right? It just means more money to you!
What about the video tour and 3d tour, are they really necessary? Well…. video and 3d tours don’t just showcase your home in a way photos don’t, but they give
the user a completely different experience. But most importantly (at least for me) video and 3D tours are often recognized by the big real estate websites algorithms like Zillow
and and their systems boost up homes that have either or, or even both! If you want to sell for top dollar. I just gave you some important things to consider, if you are on a budget and simply can not afford a professional photographer, watch my video about “how to take real estate photos using nothing more than a phone”. Again, I would never recommend this, but it is there in case you need it.

normal lens vs wide angle lens for real estate photography in 2022

3. Marketing 

You need to figure out exactly the best type of marketing for your property, from social media ads, google ads, direct mail, yard sign, real estate websites, etc…
Our data finds that only 7 percent of buyers come from a yard sign, that number is not very high, right? However, there still is a chance that your buyer that outbids the rest comes from a yeard sign
at we prefer not to take the risks in any area, and every single listing gets a sign and it is marketed everywhere! It is very important to be in the leading top
real estate websites like it is very important to have a sign. that being said, you need to check your cities and states legalities
around marketing, what do I mean by this? For example, in some states, it is illegal to have a sign on your lawn with the words “FSBO”
or “for sale by owner” on them, I know, it is crazy, but hey! I don’t make the law.

happy couple next to their house sold sign FSBO

4. Calls 

Your house is priced just right! photos, videos, and 3d tour look amazing! and your listing is on all top real estate websites, social media, google,
you have a sign, etc… now… yeah, you have to deal with all the people calling, and filter out the tire kickers, scammers, etc… or… We may have a solution
for you so you don;t have to go through all of that.

5. Legal

Leeeegaaaaaal!!! This is very very important, there is a lot of paperwork involved in this transaction, and a mistake can end up being incredibly costly.
And law changes so much from state to state, that I could just not possibly go through all of it for each state in a video, but what I can do for you, is offer you the help from our
onsite attornies, and they can deal with all of this for you at no extra cost! I mean… At the end of the day, I would like assistance from a lawyer, when it comes to
legal matters, and not just a random person on the internet, or anyone that is not a licensed attorney for that matter!

Give us a call today, and Discover a smarter way to sell real estate without agent commissions, and join the real estate movement!
We just want you to sell for top dollar, and keep as much of your hard-earned money to yourself.
Thank you for watching, I thought I helped you have a better idea of how to go about this, best of luck! much love! and talk to you later! 

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