How to Sell Your Home by Owner. All you Need to Know

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Let’s just give what the people want! In this article, I will explain from start to finish, absolutely all the questions. And a step-by-step guide on How to Sell Your Home by Owner. To learn more, about the costs involved in selling real estate, read: “How much does it cost to sell a house”.

Is it hard to sell your home by owner?

Absolutely not! Selling your house by owner or “privately” is relatively easy and anyone can do it with the right tools at hand. However, you also want to sell fast and for as much as you can, right? There are several factors involved in achieving so. And they are very often overlooked by “FSBOS“. Especially since they have no experience, and not everything is “common sense”. Read: “Real Estate learn the truth about the industry”.

What do I mean by this? For example, most people selling their properties privately, think that professional photography is not necessary. Because at the end of the day, they have the newest phone on the market and it takes amazing pictures, right? While you are not wrong if you think this way. It will be very hard (if not impossible) to achieve the same results as someone with a professional camera and a trained eye for detail.

As a matter of fact, several studies have shown that professionally photographed homes sell 35% faster and for about 15k more. Crazy, right? However, if you are on a budget and prefer to take the pictures yourself, read: “How to take stunning real estate photos with smartphone camera

There are many other places where you could be losing money or putting yourself at risk by going all alone. Fortunately for you though, this article exists. And my main goal is to make sure you sell for as much as you can, and without any complications or “leaving money floating in the air”.

how sell your home by owner

Is it safe to sell your home by owner

As I said before, this can be incredibly easy and rewarding for you with the right tools. One of the biggest challenges when learning how to sell your home by owner. Is undoubtedly the legalities. There are so many forms, paperwork, and legalities involved in this transaction. One mistake in this area can end up being very costly to you and can make this an extremely unpleasant experience for you. But again, you have found Our Property Team now, and we will be glad to help you every step of the way.

Is it better to sell your home by owner

Before, we only had two options.

  • Hire a realtor and pay a 6% commission. (Too much)
  • Go completely alone to save that money

This is not the case anymore. At Our Property Team. we have created a smarter way to sell real estate and save thousands in unnecessary realtor commissions. We bring the best of both worlds and combine it with the use of technology and a team of local professionals. To make sure you get the best of services, minus the expensive commissions. So you can be sure you will sell faster, and for more. While saving thousands of dollars.

Our commitment is you. And I am bout to prove it. By giving you our secret sauce, so you can sell your property completely on your own.

Where to sell your home by owner

There are a few different websites that you can choose from when selling your home by owner. Some of them are better than others. That being said, it is important to understand what each FSBO site does, and which is a better fit for you.

For example, Zillow is by far the biggest real estate website in the country today, with over 200,000 (two hundred thousand) visitors per month. Before you scream “Bingo”. And just go upload your listing there. Let me explain a few things about them and later decide if this is good for you or not.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Zillow FSBO listing. Is that you will not get the number of visitors you think you will get. How come? If you go now on Zillow and start looking for houses for sale. You will notice that their search engine does not include FSBO listings. This means you have to be aware of this and turn that option on. Giving you very little exposure at last.

They do not have any type of addons or extra services that are very very important. Do you want an MLS listing? not with Zillow.

✅ Biggest and most visited real estate website.

❌ Poor visibility

❌ No MLS listing

❌ No addons

❌No support and poor customer service

❌ Most of the people calling will be solicitors

Want to learn more about the Top FSBO sites and the pros, and cons of each? Click “here

Let’s get into what brought you here though, and give you the step by step on how sell your home by owner.

For sale by owner happy customers

Step by Step guide

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. 1. Pricing your home

    First things first! the very first thing you need to do after deciding to sell your property is to determine the price of your home. Once you have this, you can move on to working and determining your asking price.

    There are a few different tools and techniques to price a property. And like pretty much everything else in the real estate world. You need to find the one that is right for you and your home. Here, I will give you the most popular ones and their pros and cons. If you want to learn more. read: “The truth about home valuations and appraisals”.

    Online valuation tools.

    Tools like the Zestimate, or our Free Home Valuation Tool. Are computer algorithms that use publically available data to price a property. These would be incredibly accurate if it wasn’t because there is more information available in some areas than in others, and because these do not take the state of the property into consideration. They can be a great tool, but rather inaccurate at times. So use them only to give yourself an idea. And never decide your final asking price based on these.


    A “Comparative Market Analysis” Is mostly used by real estate agents and brokers. These are not very reliable either, since it is the agents conducting them themselves. An agent studies a 63 hr course to get licensed. and the average realtor sells 3-6 homes a year. I don’t know you. But I would never trust anyone with the most important transaction of my lifetime. When they have such little experience and qualifications. On the bright side though, these are free. Just contact your local realtor and ask for one.

    home valuation tool

  2. Exposure

    This means, cleaning and decluttering your home, professional photography, 3D tours, video tours, etc…

    Cleaning and decluttering your home is incredibly important regardless of whether you are hiring a professional photographer, or you are using your smartphone. The famous saying “Don’t judge a candy by its wrapper” applies so well here. A clean and decluttered home is extremely important. When you declutter your home, it will make it look and feel more spacious (Which is extremely important).

    How to declutter? My rule of thumb is “If it doesn’t serve a purpose, remove it!” Download our free cleaning and decluttering checklist for free.

    It is important to mention that 3D and video tours are extremely important. And they help you not just with giving the potential customer a better feel and experience of your property before visiting it. But most of the big names in real estate like Zillow and Our Property Team. Their search results are programmed to bump up and prioritize listings containing either or both of them. Why? because real estate sites want to give the best experience to their users. This means that your listing will get even more visitors than the rest.

  3. Marketing

    Now that your house looks and feels great. You have to decide where you want it listed. And the materials you’ll need for your marketing campaign. From Lawn signs, brochures, ads, social media ads, and google ads. To which real estate websites you will be publishing it. To lear more details, read: “How to market FSBO like a professional.”

    At Our Property Team, we are happy to help you get on the MLS, Zillow, Our Property Team, Redfin, Trulia,, and 100’s more. For a small one-time flat fee. Check our packages and pricing “here“.

    To learn more about the Top FSBO sites, their pros and cons, and all you need to know about them. Read ” Top FSBO sites“.

  4. Showings

    Now your phone should be ringing like crazy. (Unless you use a company like Our Property Team).

    At this point, you need to answer every single call that comes in. Because every call is a potential buyer. And this in the end could mean a huge difference in your pocket. One missed phone call could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars. So make sure to ALWAYS answer the phone.

    It is also important to note (Depending on where you are listed). You may be getting a lot of solicitors and scammers, and need to learn to differentiate them and filter them out (we got you).

    Also, make sure your property stays clean and decluttered at all times since a showing can come in really quick and catch you by surprise. I am sure at this point, I don’t have to tell you how important it is to be available for showings at all times. But in case I do… Be always available for showings!

  5. Accepting an offer

    Firstly, you need to make sure all of your paperwork is in order since one mistake here can end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars if not done right. Legalities vary so much from state to state, that I could just not possibly write them all down one by one. However, Our onsite real estate attorneys are always happy to help, at no extra cost.

    Secondly, accepting an offer can be very easy, many websites like Our Property Team, offer a very user-friendly platform, where you can accept offers, schedule showings, inspections, etc.

  6. Closing

    Once the offer has been accepted by both parties. The next step is to coordinate the closing, and just like paperwork. The law is very different in every state regarding this. So giving you a step-by-step on this part of the process would not be a nice thing to do. Luckily for you though, our in-house attorney can deal with this for you. And yes, at no extra charge.

    Using the assistance of a real estate attorney will allow you to get through this experience flawlessly and without any headaches and problems for you. If you are unsure of whether or not to be present at the home inspection, read: “Should sellers be present at home inspection”.

  7. Move out

    Congrats! You sold your property like a professional. But most importantly, you saved thousands in unnecessary commissions while doing it the right way.

    After closing is done, you will have some time to finish packing your things and move to your new place. Make sure you know the exact date for this though.

    how sell your home by owner

In conclusion

Selling real estate is nowhere near as hard as it used to be.

Agents are overpaid! And selling privately can save us thousands of dollars of our hard-earned money. Innovative sites like Our Property Team, provide us with all the tools and services realtors use, but without the commissions. So we can sell faster and for more.

All this, while also making the whole experience of selling real estate a lot easier than ever before.

Discover a smarter way to sell real estate without agent commissions with Our Property Team, and save thousands. Contact us today, and join the real estate movement.

How to sell your home by owner.

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