Sell Your Home Without a Realtor in Florida and Save Thousands!

With Our Property Team
Selling privately is a breeze,
and highly rewarding too

Sell Your Home Without a Realtor in Florida

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Thinking of selling?
We make it easy!

Sell your home with Or Property Team! Our professionals will guide you from pricing to SOLD!  We make it easy!

Take control when you sell your home

Regardless of your goal is to sell quickly or get the highest return for your property, we’ll make sure you have the tools you need!

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list your home on the MLS, Zillow, Redfin and more!

Sell your home fast, and for more!

You read that right! We are not in the 70’s anymore, so why sell like it is? Get your listing on 100s of websites like MLS,, Zillow, Trullia, etc.. But without having to pay commissions!

Do I get help to sell my home?

With Our Property Team, you’re never alone! Get as much or as little help as you need, and only pay for what you use! That’s fair, right?

Our professionals help you sell your home
saved money when you sell your home with our property team

Sell your home without the expensive commissions

Keep more of your hard-earned money! Sell your home the smarter way, sell your home with Our Property Team!

Who helps me sell my home?

A Reliable Team of Local Professionals Guides You from Pricing to SOLD

Rely on our team of local professionals to make the best out of this experience 

Advertising Manager

Your professional concierge through the home-selling process. 
The Advertising Manager organizes a team of licensed professionals for the home-selling process and manages your marketing campaign.


A professional photographer to showcase your home with exceptional HDR photography so showing your home’s photo can be more


We have Our Team of contact professionals to assist with inquiries from potential buyers, as well as solicitors, to save you time connecting with qualified buyers.  Only calls from truly interested parties will be connected to you.


An honest third-party, professional appraiser with the highest credentials possible to ascertain the fair market value of your home. Providing you the right asking price to help you sell your home as fast as possible.


An attorney specializing in contract law is the most qualified professional to draft or prepare your purchase agreement. Having an attorney handling all of your paperwork gives you comfort and peace of mind.

Home Transparency Report

The Home Transparency Report consolidates a pre-market certified appraisal and pre-market home inspection so all the important and critical information is available early in the process. This makes it easy for buyers and sellers to enter an agreement.

Finding the Right Buyer with a Better Strategy and sell your home fast!

Our marketing plan enables you to be in charge of the process and lets you only spend time with only truly interested buyers.

Let People Find your Home Online

20 years ago, listing exposure was a problem, but not today. Buyers sign up for new listing alerts and browse popular real estate websites regularly.You need your listing on 100s of websites, including MLS, Zillow, etc (all major and local ones) when selling your home.

HDR photography enables you to showcase your home and create the best first impression.

Did you know? Professionally photographed homes sell faster and for more!

A buyer has a real interest in your home at this point. Our HDR photography and schematic floor plans let buyers walk through your home and ensure the flow and layout or design are what they are looking for. Having this feature, no time and effort on your part are needed. Showing your home has never been easier and simpler!

At this point, a private showing is scheduled between you and your buyer at the best convenient time for both parties. Considered as the “second” showing of your house, this will let the buyer confirm what they already viewed online. This also includes a review of the Home Transparency Report and often leads directly to an offer.

HDR Photography, 3D Tour, and a Video Walkthrough, help buyers better understand your house without the usual busywork of hosting an open house or private showing. Almost all of your home showing activity will happen online and oftentimes, your first private showings will turn into talks of a verbal offer.

A Streamlined Offer Process with Attorney Services to sell your home Right

We create a seamless pathway for you and your buyers. A path to reach a “handshake” agreement before turning it over to
our professional on-site attorney who will draft the official offer and transition it into closing.

On-Site Attorney Services

Our on-site attorney services can work with you and your buyers to draft the official agreement at your option. Both parties will be educated on how the writing in the agreement protects them. Both parties will also learn how neither party will be subjected to terms that unfairly favor one party over the other once executed.

Closing Services

The coordination of the legal and financial steps to close the sale is the last phase of the process. This is a required step and includes additional fees regardless of how your home is sold. Our on-site attorney services and/or partnered title company, depending on your market, are experts and participates in hundreds of real estate closings every year, allowing them to provide you the highest value and best convenience.

Plans and Pricing

Select the plan that suits your needs

Simply the best services,

at the best prices.


Perfect for Those With Experience Selling Real Estate
$90 / Starting Price
  • Beautiful Diamond Lawn Sign
  • Listing on MLS, Zillow, Our Property Team, and 100’s more!
  • Help setting price
  • Answering service
  • Showing, Offers, and Negotiations Options
  • Professional support
  • Digital/ Social Media Marketing
  • Professional photography, Video, and 3D Tour
  • Drone Work (Subject to local regulations)
  • Full Service Attorney

Make your home look and feel amazing

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